It’s in our DNA to be at the forefront of solving industry challenges with innovative technology

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Innovating every aspect of risk and post-trade processes


Minium is born from the vast technical expertise and financial experience of the Cinnober Group. Building on Cinnober’s well-earned reputation for success, Minium is reshaping the industry.


We empower our clients through superior financial technology that is improving the pace and accuracy of Risk and Post-Trade services. By harnessing the innovative capabilities of our Real-Time technology, Minium is introducing levels of speed, detail, and operating ease to the market that have never been possible before.


To create an environment where superior financial technology is designed and delivered to improve the pace and accuracy of risk and Post-Trade services.

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Setting a bold example and relentless pace


We challenge the status quo and dare to be different. We empower our clients with Real-Time technology. We address challenges presented by legacy systems by eliminating the waste of valuable resources and time in Risk and Post-Trade.


Working as a team, our philosophy is to create value through solutions within an open Ecosystem. Our approach offers our clients a menu of best-of-breed components that work together in a single cohesive manner to identify, deliver and future-proof their individual requirements.


We are true to our values, and always transparent about our ambition to deliver financial technology solutions that make our clients innovative market leaders.


Deliver technology to enable Financial Institutions to keep pace and leverage technology innovations in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

We are a strategic solution partner to our clients in their transformation towards a digital bank, not just another software provider.

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